VX Series

Motorised Irrigation Valves 

Available in Sizes from 1/2 inch to 4 inch

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VX Series is Motorised Ball Valves specially developed for agro sector. This is our first step to take our farmers to the next level in techno-farming.

Auto Close

VX Series is in-built with auto close function on power failure. So easily replaces your solenoid valves in existing automations. 

Filter Free

VX Series is full port ball valve. So now get rid of clogging of dust inside of valve. 

Universal Voltage

Convenient voltage option suitable for various controller units. 12/24V AC/DC 2 Wire.

Motorised Ball Valve for Agriculture

Advantages of Motorised ValvesDisadvantages of Solenoid Valves in Agriculture
 Works in zero pressure. Zero restriction to water flow. High operating pressure required. Will malfunction in low pressure.

Dust, sediments does not affect the function of valve            

 Dust and sediments accumulation leads to malfunction, since the valve operation is based on small pilot hole that might block more frequently.
 Absolutely shockproof, operated by small DC voltages Risk of electrical shock. Requires direct AC lines
 Maintenance free, no small pilot holes as seen in solenoid valves. Due to bloackage of pilot hole valve might be opened or closed always.

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Motorised Ball Valve PVC for irrigation with Auto Close - 1 inch

Motorised Ball Valve PVC for irrigation 2.5 inch