Sensor Taps


Elegant design with all stainless steel. Packed with battery to run at times of power failure also. Simple and easy installation methods

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Best product for luxurious basin and washrooms. Also packed with battery pack to run when no power is available.

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Economical Sensor Tap working on AC Power only. Best suitable for commercial units.

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Elegant design with all stainless steel. Wall mounted. Operates on AC with battery backup.

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How it works

  • Sensoware Taps uses 80% less water than a normal tap.
  • Simple, touchfree operation. No more turning of handles.
  • Sensoware Taps works on small current. Runs on battery or mains (AC/DC) Power.
  • No contact with surfaces. No Bacteria/ Viruses
  • Elegant design, Fully made of Stainless Steel not just chrome plated.