S1 Touchfree Drinking Water Dispenser

Introducing our touchfree water dispenser for drinking water, which is the safest and hygienic way to use a public water dispenser unit during this COVID 19 pandemic and also all the time.

We have overcome all the potential barriers an automatic water dispenser has to go through.

s1 touchfree drinking water dispenser


Runs on our Motorized Valve Platform

Our Touchfree Water Dispenser runs on our time tested mini motorized valve platform. This provides the full port opening.

Unrestricted Gravity Flow

Storage tanks in water coolers will not have any pressure. Inspite of that our Touchfree Water Dispenser provides 3 to 4 LPM at zero pressure.

Front Panel Sensor

The Infrared Sensor is placed in the front panel of the unit to sense the container or glass to exactly receive the water flow from the spout. So there is no need to show your palm in front of sensors to activate the flow

Fastest Response Time

Our Ultra Fast Motorized Valve technology works very fast to reduce the opening and closing time to around 500m

Easy Fit

Our Touchfree Drinking Water Dispenser has a inlet fitting of 0.5 inch BSP male thread to universally fit all type of water coolers and storage tanks.

Live Action!

The unit is fitted into a 20 Litre Bubble Jet can to show the performance in a simple gravity flow


s1 dimension


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